Trong trường hợp Đỗ Dental Implants Come From?

'children playing in dirt'Cấy ghép nha khoa have a surprisingly rich and interesting history. Trên khắp thế kỷ và trong suốt các nền văn hóa trên thế giới có bằng chứng của nỗ lực thay thế răng mất tích với các đối tượng khác nhau và vật liệu.

Các cấy ghép nha khoa lâu đời nhất có thể được truy trở lại 2000 TCN tại Trung Quốc, nơi răng bị mất tích đã được thay thế bằng cọc tre.

Fast forward a bit to around 1000 BC and you’ll find an ancient Egyptian King whose tomb was recently discovered along with his mummified remains; a copper peg hammered into place where a tooth once lived. This may have been the first time in history that we know of when metal implants were used.

Across the globe some time around 300 BC, an iron tooth was found in a French grave thought to be Celtic in origin. It is possible this implant may have been a post-mortem placement to honor the dead, as an attempt to perform the surgery using a live patient would have been an excruciatingly painful process.

Just 2000 years ago missing teeth were being substituted for animal teeth, and the poor were even selling their teeth to the wealthy, just to make ends meet! The body often rejected these surrogate teeth, causing infection.

More recently in 1931 in Honduras, Tiến sĩ. Wilson Monroe and his wife found a jawbone amongst other artifacts, with teeth fashioned from shells and attached to the jawbone of an ancient man.

Today we are lucky enough to have cấy ghép nha khoa that not only look and feel like real teeth, and anesthesia for the pain is also a plus. Thanks to studies conducted by Per-Ingvar Brånemark of Sweden in the 1950’s, oral surgeons have been able to perfect the process over the years to create today’s implants, which have a 98% success rate! Through a process known as osseointegration, metals and other implant materials are able to be skillfully placed so that your jaw bone actually attaches itself to the implant creating a seamless support system.

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