Ít, Trung bình, Big Bone Graft

Ghép xương là một thủ tục đơn giản đó là vô cùng có lợi cho rất nhiều lý do. Trong trường hợp của một chiếc răng bị mất (hoặc răng), xương hàm có thể bắt đầu chậm phân huỷ. The jaw bone holds teeth in place, và một khi một chiếc răng không còn hiện diện, xương không có bất cứ điều gì để hỗ trợ. Có nhiều loại khác nhau của ghép xương:

'tooth needing bone graft'

Little Bone Graft

In the case of a simple, single lost tooth, the ideal course of action is to not lose excess bone. In this process, sterile, demineralized human bone granules are packed into the tooth socket immediately after tooth extraction. This procedure is very simple, and does not add anything to your recovery time. Over the next several weeks, your own bone will fill the tooth socket and preserve the bone height enough for you to have the area restored.

Medium Bone Grafts

If a tooth was removed a long time ago, there is likely to already be some bone loss impeding the restoration of the area. Trong trường hợp này, the area of the missing tooth is opened with a small incision, the bone surface is prepared, and demineralized bone graft granules are used to build up the area. Many surgeons prefer to use a little bit of the patient’s own bone in this procedure in order to ensure the best results possible. If your own bone is used, your surgeon will take it from another area of the jaw bone, usually near the wisdom tooth area, shaving off tiny granules and combining them with the demineralized bone. The bone graft will heal and integrate with the surrounding bone tissue. This type of graft can be used for one or multiple areas of missing teeth.

Big Bone Graft

Patients who have many missing teeth and who have been missing many teeth for many years, have often experienced advanced bone loss. In those who wear dentures, the lower jaw bone often recedes so severely that they can no longer wear them. Extensive bone grafting is necessary in order to consider restorative methods. A combination of demineralized, sterile human bone and the patient’s own bone is used to restore the jaw bone, creating enough width and height to consider dental implants. The patient’s bone is supplied by another part of the jaw, hông, or tibia. Bone granules are also used to enhance and strengthen the graft.

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that takes time. Tuy nhiên, it plays an essential role in making new teeth possible, and will ultimately be a positive process! For more information, cuộc gọi 510-885-8720 today for a consultation with Shimane Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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