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长自己的骨头? 骨移植是常规

  它看起来像是科幻电影, 但在我们的帮助, 你可以轻松地重新生长骨治疗许多常见的疾病,在嘴里,使它准备种植牙! 骨移植是一个共同的做法,做我们办公室的权利. 这里是一个简单的解释的这种有效的治疗选择. Reasons […]

Tips for Reducing Scarring After Facial Surgery

Facial lacerations can be a scary situation for anyone. That is why it’s best to visit experts, like us, who have experience in treating and repairing facial injuries and trauma. 然而, we know that your recovery doesn’t end the moment you leave our doors. We want you to have the best outcome following surgery, 哪一个 […]

骨结合: 大词, 简单的概念!

这个词是医生的发明的邪恶爱漫长而复杂的单词吗? 没有! Osseointegration actually derives from the Greek osteon, bone and the Latin integrare, 要使整个. It’s a physical process that was first observed by Swedish researchers in the 1960’s and refers to the functional connection between a titanium implant and living […]