The Importance of Teeth for Jaw Bone Health

缺少一个或多个牙齿时它可以导致骨质流失在现场的差距. 这一损失的颚骨可以发展成更多问题, 两个与你的外表和你的整体健康. You may experience pain, problems with your remaining teeth, altered facial appearance, and eventually even the inability to speak and/or eat normally.

In the same way that muscles are maintained through exercise, bone tissue is maintained by use. 天然牙嵌在颚骨和刺激通过咀嚼和咬等活动颚骨. 牙齿时失踪, 牙槽骨, or the portion of the jaw bone that anchors the teeth into the mouth, no longer receives the necessary stimulation it needs and begins to break down, 或 resorb. The body no longer uses or “needs” 颚骨, so it deteriorates.

Potential Consequences of Tooth and Jaw Bone Loss

  • Problems with remaining teeth, including misalignment, drifting, loosening, and loss
  • Collapsed facial profile
  • Limited lip support
  • Skin wrinkling around the mouth
  • Distortion of other facial features
  • Jaw (TMJ or temporomandibular joint) pain, facial pain, and headaches
  • Difficulty speaking and communicating
  • Inadequate nutrition as a result of the inability to chew properly and painlessly
  • Sinus expansion
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