Muelas del juicio: Extremidades de la recuperación

Muelas del juicio- Extremidades de la recuperación

Muelas del juicio son las muelas de atrás que vienen en última, por lo general entre las edades de 18-25. These molars are typically removed due to lack of space that can cause shifting of the surrounding teeth. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed. Below are a few things to keep in mind following a successful wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Lo que puede esperar:

Wisdom teeth removal can be uncomfortable to some degree; however the amount of pain varies from person to person and how many teeth are removed. It’s important to note that the anesthesia wears off approximately six hours after the procedure, which is when you may need to use the pain medication your doctor has prescribed.

Foods to Eat:

Eating after having your wisdom teeth removed can be difficult, as you will most likely not be able to eat your typical foods. We always suggest to stock up on soft foods beforehand so that you’re adequately prepared. Below are a few suggestions:

• Applesauce
• Jell-O or Pudding
• Yogurt
• Oatmeal
• Soup
• Mashed Potatoes
• Smoothie

Foods to Avoid:

There are quite a few foods to be on the lookout for, as they can cause a significant delay in healing time and potentially cause complications.

• Anything that can get stuck in the extraction site, irritate the gums, or reopen the stitches (es decir. rice, quinoa, or types of seeds).
• Hot, crujiente, and spicy foods that can cause irritation.

*Please note that you should also refrain from drinking through a straw to avoid dry socket that occurs when a blood clot loosens due to the suction.

Teniendo buen cuidado de la herida después de la cirugía es crucial, ya que juega un papel negativo en la cantidad de tiempo que se tardará en recuperarse. La recuperación completa puede tardar hasta dos semanas después de una cirugía de extracción de cordales. Es muy importante que siga las instrucciones de cuidado posterior proporcionados a usted después del procedimiento. Si usted piensa que es hora de tener sus muelas del juicio, Dénos una llamada! Shimane cirugía oral y maxilofacial número de teléfono 510-885-8720