¿Qué es una muela del juicio?

cartoon of an impacted toothTodos sabemos que para la mayoría de la gente, muelas del juicio deben ser eliminados con el fin de prevenir los problemas dentales graves! Pero alguna vez se preguntó, ¿qué es exactamente una muela del juicio? Muelas del juicio are the third set of molars that typically grow in during a person’s late teens/early twenties.

¿Por qué son llamados dientes “sabiduría”?

Formally known as “third molars”, wisdom teeth developed their name due to the late nature of their arrival, at an age where people are “wiser” than when their other teeth grow in (during childhood).

What is their purpose?

Hoy, wisdom teeth are no longer needed in order for us to process food. Back in the day, sin embargo, when the human diet consisted of tough meats and fibrous vegetables, an extra molar was needed to break down food. Scientists have not discovered a common day use for wisdom teeth, as they are not needed for chewing modern food.

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

A traves de Los años, human jaws have become much smaller, making the space too crowded for wisdom teeth. Por lo tanto, when wisdom teeth start growing in, they push on the teeth that have already established themselves. Once they start pushing on other teeth, the alignment of a person’s mouth is affected. Wisdom teeth can easily become “impacted”. This means that they are trapped underneath a person’s gums and are unable to fully erupt, which can be painful. Since wisdom teeth aren’t needed and can affect your smile and health negatively, we recommend that most people have them removed. For the few people that don’t get their wisdom teeth removed, serious dental health problems can occur down the road.

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