Injerto de hueso para implantes dentales

woman holding model of a dental implantEstos injertos óseos e implantes dentales suelen ir mano a mano, como la pérdida de un diente puede desgastar la estructura maxilar circundante y un implante dental es un procedimiento común para reemplazar los dientes perdidos. Tan pronto como una persona pierde un diente, la pérdida de hueso comienza. Para colocar un robusto, implante dental fiable, una injerto de hueso procedure is often required in order to rebuild the jawbone. While bone grafting sounds daunting, it is a safe and reliable procedure that prepares the jaw bone for a dental implant, and in most cases, is necessary to build up a sturdy foundation.

In a bone graft procedure, bone tissue taken from another part of the body is grafted into the jawbone. Another method utilizes processed bone from animals, but results in the same regrowth of your jaw. It can take several months for the graft to set and grow into a stable foundation for a dental implant.

Depending on the amount of bone loss, bone grafts can be placed at a variety of times during the implant process. Por ejemplo, if only a minor bone graft is needed, we may be able to place it at the same time as the dental implant. sin embargo, if a larger bone graft is necessary, it will have to rest for months before the dental implant procedure can be performed.

Bone grafting is a very important and often overlooked procedure when it comes to preparing for a dental implant! Dental implants have increased in popularity and effectiveness over the years, as they provide the most reliable replacement for natural teeth. Dental implants look and feel like normal teeth, and if treated properly, can last the rest of a person’s lifetime! Bone grafts and dental implants work together to restore smiles.

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